About Us

Our history and milestone.

We have been helping individuals, businesses, social or charity organisation & public organisation since established in 2001 in Kathmandu, Nepal. With successful in Kathmandu, Nepal we have established in 2013 in Aldershot, UK.


From MouseTail we want to impact as many people and organisation as possible to improve their life through knowledge, technology, support, coaching, mentoring, consulting, training and education.

Why MouseTail ?

  • More than 2 decade dedicated, passionate team for your professional services.
  • Compassion is in our heart and we not just only identify the problem, we solve it and apply for liberate it.
  • We use proven latest wordclass best tools, technology, software, team members and other system.
  • No win no fee
  • We are clear in our reasons, passion, vision and mission and prompt services is in our heart. Everyday we want to provide quality services as many as possible and as far as we can to our valued customers.
  • Preservation of nature is in our heart and we use alternative form as far as we can and bring awareness is our objectives.
  • We partner to local social and charity organisation for the preservation, improvement, safeguarding and heal for the nature, creatures and human being.
  • Some part of your contribution will go for the charity organisation and help to those who needs help.
  • We believe in partnership and interdependency. We alone cann’t solve the problem. Hence, we partner to suppliers and customers to reduce the gap of our vision and achieve what set for.
  • We love to discuss your issues, vision, mission and we provide appropriate solution.