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How to establish successful habit of growing your personal finance

How to establish successful habit of growing your personal finance

Personal Finance

How to establish successful habit of growing your personal finance

Finance is very important for once life. It will ruin if it is not manage properly.

Now, I am going to share you some tips of how to manage finance?

Decreasing debt

If you have credit card or loan, pay it on time and if possible pay more than the minimum amount.

If you have two credit card, pay all of the one card which has greater amount of interest. Once paid all of the debt, celebrate with your spouse, children or family for nice dinner or day out or small shop that you wanted to buy and buy from cash.

Using cash

Use cash for amount below £20 or equivalent amount to the other countries. That will remind in your conscious mind and you will be cash conscious

Exercise, eating good food, bath and meditation

If you build up habit of doing exercise, bath, meditation and eating good food, your consciousness will be improved and your thought will be clear so that you won’t buy unnecessary and unimportant things. However, you can decide to purchase which one is essential.

Donation & Sale

Donate unnecessary things or not used for long time . That will be closing and essential items. Better donate more than you purchase. That will improve your happiness and contribution and where as more space at home which helps to play more oxygen and won’t be distraction . Distraction use the energy.

Buying habit

Don’t buy unless that is very needed to you or add value to you. Educate your spouse and children  if they are not  conscious as you are.

Shop around

You can find better deal of food and items if your shop around. That will save your money as well as you can get better value.

Set goal and visualising 

Create your goal of daily and what you want to achieve for short  , medium and longer term. Practice visualisation what you feel after accomplishing those goals because vibration writes your goal in the subconscious mind .

Try these habits you will see the changes.

Man Gurung


Aldershot Empowerment

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Man Gurung
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