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In UK, the restriction of covid-19 has been loosen by the government since Mon. 17 May 2021. There is lots of optimism than few challenges.Now, I am focussing on what should the small business owner, job holders and social leaders should prepare for the opportunities and challenges.

As my personal feeling, being social entrepreneur, I found pleasure to sit in the cafe and or restaurant and also meeting with family members, friends and customers. This has made me feel great and pleasurable despite the financial savings won’t be same as in the restriction. However, there is room to perform more in business or any jobs that there will be abundance and businesses are peaking the pace of pre covid -19.

One must be in peak state to achieve success in terms of health, wealth and happiness. It is also balance to maintain and sustain good health, good wealth and good happiness. This is art and science and one can learn it if he or she has desire. Some will learn through mutliple failure or some may not. However, if you learn from good coach or mentor who already been through the journey and achieved success, that will save your time, energy and money.

Mousetail and Aldershot Empowerment run events to enhance the wellbeing, wealth and happiness of people living in UK and especially focussed on the Nepali community, however equal opportunities to all and transformed the lives of many .

Wish you all best and we are happy to serve your to unleash your true potential .

If you want to join in our upcoming event, contact us.

Man Gurung
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